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Sports Injuries & Treatment: Part 2

Brainspotting (BSP) was developed as a psychotherapeutic approach for treating trauma - especially sports related trauma issues including the “yips,” and other performance problems that present as motor skills deficits.

Sports Injuries & Treatment: Part 1

Brainspotting (BSP) is a psychotherapeutic approach developed to productively address the impact of trauma. Its underpinnings reside in neurology and the neurophysiological pathways within the human field of vision.

Athletic Performance & Anxiety: Overcoming the Yips

One of the most common athletic performance blocks I treat is something called the yips, the loss by an accomplished athlete of an ability to perform a seemingly simple task that was once almost automatic, like an expert golfer suddenly being unable to drop a three-foot putt.

Anxiety Screening Quiz

Here's a brief (2 minute) quiz from the Psych Central staff to help you determine if you might need to see a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of an anxiety disorder. 

Upstairs & Downstairs Brain

Understanding our upstairs and downstairs brain.

9 Things Manipulative People Do

Manipulative people have mastered the art of deception.

Living Distractionlessly

We live distracted lives and our ability to focus, create, and accomplish suffers significantly.

Sandy Hook School Shooting and Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting Therapy found to be the most effective form of treatment for Sandy Hook victims.

Are you a thrillseeker? Here’s why …

Adventure seekers come in various forms -- the daredevil, the world traveler, the foodie, the Fun Bobby -- and all have the same craving. Here's the brain science behind it ...

ADHD: Excellent research article

It's a brain thing. Not a character issue.