Corry M. Garner M.Ed., Certified Wellness Coach

"A sense of wellness doesn’t come from one, giant change. It comes from a series of smart steps that create real, lasting change. A certified wellness coach is someone who is specifically trained and devoted to guiding clients into increased competence, confidence, and peak performance." - Corry M. Garner

About Corry

A native of South Carolina, Corry spent her first seven years after graduate school living in Mexico, establishing two schools for the deaf. There, she taught sign language to children who previously had no language capabilities at all. In the evenings, she taught sign language to the parents of these children. The result was that these children (often aged 5 and older) and their parents eventually began to possess, for the first time, the ability to communicate with one another. Social, behavioral, emotional, and familial difficulties were overcome through providing the powerful gift of language.

It is from this background and her own experiences balancing work, family, parenting, and healthy self-care that Corry became passionate about helping others realize their full potential. Wellness Coaching, through the process of inquiry and personal discovery, provides a new language, with all its new insights and perspectives to help clients gain a better sense of self and well-being. The client is provided with crystal clear goals, structure, support, accountability, and feedback.

All of us have set goals and failed. Corry is an absolute expert at helping her clients discover why that is, what’s gone wrong, what will go right, and how to move forward with a clear plan of action.

Other Interests

Corry is married, with two children and enjoys spending time with her family, especially at their beloved cabin in the mountains. She is, by nature, a helper. Having lived in Mexico for seven years, Corry is fluent in Spanish and is often found listening to the music of Latin America while cooking her family’s favorite meals. She is passionate about healthy living, smart decisions, and helping others navigate fast-paced lives.


  • Boundaries with technology - Personal and family
  • Setting clear but realistic fitness, health, and relationship goals
  • Solution-focused approach to problem solving
  • Work/Life balance goal setting and achievement
  • Parenting difficult children
  • Emotional Intelligence development


  • B.S. Education of the Deaf, UT Knoxville
  • M.S. Education of the Deaf, UT Knoxville
  • College of Executive Coaching, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Certified Wellness Coach

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